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A YEAR IN BRIDAL HEAVEN //- Looking back on 2015 and looking forward to 2016

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A YEAR IN BRIDAL HEAVEN //- Looking back on 2015 and looking forward to 2016

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2015 // 2016

As 2015 comes to an end we take the time to reflect upon such an amazingly wonderful year we have all had...

Filled with so much love and happiness - the brides we have met at the beginning of their bridal journey with us... to tying the knot as precious Y.A.P Brides throughout 2015.

Our roles play such a part in your experience and we adore being by your sides to help style and prepare you for your wedding days. It's an honour and a true pleasure to see each of you walk down your aisles and be part of your everlasting memories. 

This year has possibly been our biggest to date - We turned 5! Which is such an achievement in itself... these past few years we have grown from a start out business into a flourishing boutique. Each and every one of you is a part of the Y.A.P success and we thank you all for trusting in our team to ensure your every bridal need is fulfilled to its optimum. 

This Summer we decided to make the jump and turn our beautiful ground floor boutique into a stunning bridal studio... Keeping within the heart of Newcastle on our beloved St.Mary's place we have created a first floor bridal studio - spacious and exquisite - meaning we can spread our wings and further your experience to new heights.

We've relaunched our website to ensure we're in keeping with our new look and boutique style... 

And our gorgeous team has too evolved and grown...

Here we reflect on our year through the hearts of our team...

-\\ JO // -

'2015 has seen big changes for our beautiful boutique. We ensured everything was perfect in our new studio to create a sensational Y.A.P Bridal Journey for our beautiful brides to be! We have grown our dedicated team and yet again found another bridal consultant who has that 'Y.A.P skill' needed to ensure maximum service. 

We have welcomed Rosa Clara to our amazing designers in the boutique and have grown our Twobirds bridesmaid range with the addition of their Tulle collection. We still fall in love with each bride that walks through our door and our reason for existing is larger than ever...

The You Are Precious world is growing and for me to be in this glorious place with the people I work with each day is both humbling and an honour...

xxx Love Jo - Hello 2016 - We are ready for you xxx'

-\\ DANNI // -

'Precious in all meanings of the word - Our Team, Our Brides, Our Boutique...

We have grown and blossomed over the past five years into such a unique and super special home for our brides. Creating memories and a life long bond with all our brides is such an honour... to be part of your bridal journies and experiences - helping to style your perfect looks and dress you on your big days! 2015 has been an absolute blast - each and every one of you have been amazing and we cherish the moments we've had and future memories you all make...

Complete adoration for my wonderful colleagues - inspirational is an understatement and I honestly couldn't wish to be part of a better team of passionate women taking such care for our brides each and every need. As we go into 2016, I wish our 2015 brides so much happiness as newlyweds... and cannot wait to see what next year brings for our bridal beauties to be!

Y.A.P all of you xxx'

-\\ HEATHER //-

' I have now been at our boutique for 7 months and it has flown by so fast!

I feel so thankful to be part of the dream team, to work with stunning gowns and to meet lovely brides and their families every day. This year has been an exciting one of changes and opportunity.

I can't wait to see what next year brings xxx'

-\\ LOUISE //-

'Another year passed in our beautiful boutique and wow what a year it has been. We have grown from a baby into an adult in our brand new studio boutique - which couldn't be any more perfect and felt like home from day one. To all of our precious brides, past, present and future here is to 2016 and the exciting times that lie ahead. We love meeting and catching up with you all and forever growing our You Are Precious family.

Lastly to my Y.A.P ladies - Thank you for being the most lovely colleagues a girl could ask for. My Saturday's just wouldn't be the same without our special boutique.

Happy New Year to our Y.A.P Family, all my love Louise xxx'

-\\ ANNE //-

'Coming up to 4 years working with our boutique I can see the growth of the attention, passion, dedication and inspiration within each team member. This is refelcted in the reputation and therefore the success of You Are Precious xxx'


As 2016 begins always remember...

LIVE Beautifully

DREAM Passionately

LOVE Completely


xxx Y.A.P xxx