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Sarah and Michael

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Sarah and Michael

5th December 2015

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Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns...

I felt so excited to come in and try on dresses - but also really nervous because I had only been in one other bridal shop and there’s so much pressure resting on finding the right dress.

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts...

I loved the décor and the atmosphere of the boutique; Danni and the other girls were so friendly and put me at ease immediately. The dresses looked so pretty and were displayed so well. It really was such a special experience and the boutique felt so personal and well put together.

Your Style Ideas...

I had looked online at a few dresses and had a very basic feel for what sort of dress I wanted. I had found one dress in particular that was really beautiful, all lace, fitted and with a long train. I definitely knew that I wanted a traditional dress with lace and minimal sparkle however I didn’t mind which style the dress was.

Your Consultation to Finding the One...

My consultation was fantastic! Danni was really helpful and helped me to explore the style of dresses and how I wanted to feel on the day. She was also really considerate when it came to budget and she really took this on board and didn’t show me any dresses above my budget, which is very different from other bridal boutiques!

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received...

Danni was really friendly and lovely. She put me at ease brilliantly and really went the extra mile to make sure that I was happy and that I was completely comfortable with every decision. She didn’t force any decision on me and was just very encouraging! She even made sure that Anne, the amazing seamstress, knew that I didn’t want to have the sparkly belt that came with the dress. Anne was brilliant at coming up with alternatives for the belt and we settled on an ivory ribbon that tied into a bow at the back which really set off the dress beautifully.

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’...

I didn’t want to take it off! When I put my dress on it was perfect and I felt so comfortable in it! I think I knew then that was the dress for me however I still went and tried on other dresses just in case! But when I left the boutique I couldn’t stop thinking about that dress and wanted to try it on again!

Talk to us about your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

My overall Y.A.P bridal journey was a real pleasure, from the first meeting all the way through to picking up the dress and getting it fitted. They really made it a personal experience and took into account my personal circumstances – moving to Glasgow half way through planning for a wedding and letting me get the dress fitted by Anne at her seamstresses rather than at the boutique. My grandmas came into the boutique to see me try on my dress and they were made to feel very welcome and at home – my mum and I drank prosecco to celebrate and my grandmas had cups of teas.

Tell us more about your day...


I got my veil and hair vine from Y.A.P as well, as they were exactly what I was looking for and the perfect addition to the dress. They fitted in with the relaxed look I was wanting yet were still traditional, and I got some sparkle in my veil and in the hair vine which really added to the overall look of the dress. I wore ivory brogues on the day as we had a ceilidh in the evening so heels would not have been a good idea!


I felt really amazing! I felt so comfortable in my dress yet I have never felt so beautiful in my life. The dress was perfect and fit so brilliantly. It was so easy to move in and to dance in! It was the happiest day of my life as I got to marry my now husband Michael (and by the way he loved the dress!). 


We got married at the beautiful Jesmond Parish Church, we both became Christians at university and shortly afterwards became part of the church family. Our faith shaped our entire wedding as it was the start of our Christ-centred marriage. Our reception was at Linden Hall – a beautiful country house in Longhorsely in Northumberland – this really fit with the theme of nature and tradition and they were very accommodating and they provided a sit-down wedding breakfast, which was fantastic. We really wanted a day where our faith in God and our love for one another and for family was celebrated – we wanted people to see our marriage and celebrate it and be happy! 


As we were getting married in December it was, of course, Christmas themed – however there was also a forest, natural theme which married well with Christmas. The bridesmaid dresses were heather coloured and very flowing and they had pearls in their hair. The church was decorated with holly, gypsophilia and fern wreaths down the pews and heather and white rose bouquets. The bridal parties bouquets incorporated pinecones, roses and holly and the venue was decorated with candles and wooden logs which held tea lights. The cake was decorated with real berries, holly and twigs and had ‘snow’ scattered over it. Overall it was a fantastic day and I’m so pleased that my dress fit in with the natural Christmas theme so well – the team at Y.A.P were so helpful with creating the theme and keeping the dress in line with what I wanted. 



Our photographer was the very talented Ruth Atkinson who travelled up from Liverpool to take photos of our wedding. We loved her documentary style and the understated way in which she captured the entire day and all our personalities perfectly. We will definitely be looking back on those photos being able to remember and picture the whole day from her fab images. The bridesmaid dresses were from Laura Lea Boutique in Old Eldon Square and the groomsmen suits were rented from Walton’s Formal Wear. The bridal car was a Bentley Continental, which was kindly lent to us and driven by a good friend from church. The generosity of friends and family was staggering. My uncle Roddy saved the day later on when storm Desmond hit and the ceilidh band came police escorted an hour and a half late. He played his fiddle as a lone ceilidh player for an hour and a half and was fantastic! Many compliments and enthusiastic dancing followed!! 


What a beautiful bridal journey and the perfect day for both Sarah and  Michael... Thank you so much for sharing with us all and to Ruth Atkinson for her stunning images xxx