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Hints and Tips to guide you through your bridal gown purchase to walking down your aisle...

  • Plan your time well - Wedding dresses can take up to 6 months to be made as they are created from scratch in the size we order for you. This means that delivery from our designers is usually 5-6 months. Your Aftercare then starts 6-8 weeks prior to your big day for those final tweaks perfecting the fit ready for you to wear. We tend to recommend a year is a lovely amount of time from finding your dream wedding dress, however at the very latest 8 months prior to your wedding date.
  • Sometimes non standard sizing/ special lengths/ customisation can take a little longer to arrive so plan an extra month into your process.
  • If you have less time don't panic - Our designers do offer a smaller range of amazing 'Priority Gowns' which can be made and delivered a little bit quicker for those of you on a shorter time scale, however it does mean less options to choose from. A weekday is a great time to come in so we can call our designers whilst you are here and check availability as they may have a standard ordered gown in stock in America ready now as an option.
  • Think about your ideal spend - Wedding dresses start from around £850 through to £3000 so have a rough guide in mind that you are comfortable with spending ready for your appointment.
  • For those with a lower ideal spend - We have a gorgeous selection of sample gowns available 'off the peg' which means they are here now and ready for you. There is only one of each gown and will be in a mix of sizes.
  • Our fabulous seamstress Anne is on hand to fit your gowns during your 'Aftercare' ensuring the fit is simply perfection on you, as bridal sizes go from your measurements and all depend on your proportions - often needing a tweak or two which will be extra to budget for. Anne's pricing is very reasonable and simply goes on what work needs to be done. Bridal sizes are much smaller than real life sizes so this is worth bearing in mind when trying on.
  • Have a think before your appointment about how you want to look and feel in your dream gown - What fabrics you may like? Necklines? Shape and Silhouette? Come in with an open mind and we will guide you from there...
  • Follow our social media to keep you up to date with our boutique, new arrivals of gowns and beautiful posts about our brides... plus read the feedback and get a feel for the type of experience you will receive throughout your bridal journey.


 We hope this information helps in planning the run up to your big day and what happens when xxxx