Luxury designer wedding dresses on rail in the bridal show room of You Are Precious Newcastle Upon Tyne

All About the Back

As bridal stylists we get to play with some of the most unreal wedding gowns from across the globe – creating utterly unique stunning bridal looks for every bride that graces our bridal haven. Yet one of the hottest bridal requests to stand the test of time has to be a little bit of back detail! 


From barely there open backs, to tattoo style lace appliqués and, of course there has to be lots and lots of buttons; it’s all about making a statement with the back of your gown – after all that is what all your guests are swooning over throughout your ceremony!


As much of your day is spent being ‘papped’ from the back as it is from the front so it is important to feel amazing from all angles. Whether you want to embrace the sweeping low cut sass of a gown, or you’re dreaming of delicate lace trickling down your spine, make the most of the back of your dress! 


Here in the studio we have tons of incredible gowns perfect for whichever style suits you and your style. Our dream team of stylists for sure have our favs…


Maggie Sottero Nikki

Libelle Molina

Aire Barcelona Nediva


So when you are choosing your wedding dress, don’t forget that the back can be as beautiful as the front. Just because you can’t see it yourself, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on making this a real Show Stopper moment of your gown! 


Love, B xoxo

Maggie Sottero Nikki 20MS678 Alt6 ND
Molina Back 600x9002 2