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Destination Weddings – Preperation

-\ Destination Weddings – Preperation //-

Wedding day trends are always changing…

The past few years have seen ‘Destination’ Weddings become much more popular with couples.

Locations vary and stretch far and wide across the globe – From Ireland to the Maldives for example.

Here at the boutique we match our brides gowns to their big day’s perfectly and setting is key.

We think about temperature, ease of wear and our brides being comfortable to ensure they feel super confident on their day.

We offer a wonderful packing service when finding the one for your destination wedding day and means packing for your big day is a little less stressful!

We steam and prepare your gown for travelling.

Our brides provide a travel box or hand luggage sized case which matches the dimensions required by their airline – dropping this to us at the boutique in the week leading up to your travel date.

Sometimes when booking a wedding package the travel box is included so it’s always worth checking on this.

Otherwise there are two fabulous websites to order your travel box through –

Welcome to The Empty Box Company


Starting from roughly £25 the boxes can be customised and styled with your wedding colours.

The boxes are sturdy and come with acid free tissue paper for wrapping your gown ready for travel.

Easy to use with a handle the travel boxes simply can be popped above your head in the aircraft and means your gown never leaves your side.


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