Luxury designer wedding dresses on rail in the bridal show room of You Are Precious Newcastle Upon Tyne


Hi girls!

Here’s 5 simple steps how to store your dream dress perfectly and safely either at home or with a member of your trusted bride tribe!

Step 1 – No need to remove her from the provided You Are Precious gown bag. It is totally breathable and will prevent any discolouration.

Step 2 – Keep her nice and straight by hanging her inside or on the front of a wardrobe, even hung on the back of a spare room door. Or you can simply lay her down flat over a bed.

Step 3 – To prevent straps from stretching overtime, keep her hung on the hanging tags from inside the dress.

Step 4 – Do not place her in direct sunlight, try to avoid hanging her on a curtain pole or anywhere in your house that attracts a lot of sunlight.

Step 5 – Don’t worry about your train getting a little bit creased, your seamstress will give her a full head-to-toe steam at your last appointment so you are completely aisle ready!

And that’s it!

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We’d love to see you on your perfect day!


Your precious team xoxo

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