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Let’s talk veils…

Veils can often be that finishing touch you add to create the most perfect bridal look. Whether it’s a dramatic ‘Priyanka Chopra’ inspired Cathedral length veil that takes at least 6 flower girls to carry, or something quirky, short and fun like Ariana Grande’s twist on a retro chic accessory, we are here to help you find your ideal finishing touches for YOUR day. 


Veils are an age-old wedding tradition that has carried through to today’s modern bride; with so many options when it comes to choosing one, it can be hard to know which is the right fit for you. You want a veil that’s going to compliment your gorgeous dress, but not take away and become the perfect pairing.


Team You Are Precious have popped together a guideline of the veil lengths that we can have ordered in our studio, and don’t forget you can also have the option of sleek and simple single tier veils or the more classic look of two/double tier, traditionally called blush/blusher, that covers the bride’s face until meeting their partner at the end of the aisle –


Waist length 36”

Fingertip length 43”

Chapel length 98”

Cathedral length 114”

Abbey length 151”


DON’T FORGET! Every single bride is different and following different journeys, so when it comes to veil or no veil, there is no right or wrong answer!


We hope this has helped guide you to your perfect veil!


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Love Team You Are Precious xoxo

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