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Amie and Steven

How did you meet Steven.. your ‘love story’..

I met Steven in a bar in South Shields we then didn’t see each other for 4 years until another night out when we bumped into each other. This time we exchanged numbers and went on a date. The rest is history- this was 8 years ago! My husband proposed on my 25th birthday on the padlock bridge in Paris in 2014.

Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns –

I had always had a fishtail design in my head after seeing Abbey Clancy marry in a similar style but I wasn’t sure if I wanted strapless. I met my photographers at a wedding fair at the Hilton Newcastle. Kenn and Shiela Reay photography.

Kenn asked if I had tried on any dresses to which I told him I hadn’t he said ‘ you must go see Jo at YAP you will find THE dress there’. Trusting a mans advice I quickly contacted the boutique and made an appointment. The day I arrived at the boutique I remember feeling very apprehensive and wasn’t sure if I would find my dream dress or not. I’ve pictured trying on dresses since I was a little girl and I wanted it to live up to my expectations I had.

How did your consultation during your appointment help to find the perfect dress for you?

I sat down with Jo and told her what I wanted the dress to be like and how I wanted to feel in it. She brought out 5 dresses and I tried each of them on in turn when I tried the 4th one- a beautiful Mori Lee fishtail dress with lace detailing to the top I knew this was the one. I felt amazing in it. I could see myself walking down Matfen’s staircase in it,
people watching the beautiful detail on the train as I went down the aisle. This was it. This was the dress. So I returned to YAP, Signed on the dotted line and became a YAP bride. A member of the YAP family.

I remember on the wedding day Kenn (my photographer) seeing my dress and I told him Jo picked it out for me and his response was ‘she has done it again’. He was right- Jo had taken in everything I had told her about my dream and it made it a reality. She made me feel amazing by choosing me the most beautiful dress I have ever and will ever wear again.

Tell us about the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received –

YAP certainly did meet my expectations. I’ve never ever before walked into a shop and automatically felt as though I had knew the staff there for years. The girls at YAP are the most amazing, friendliest caring women I have ever had he pleasure of getting to know.

Tell us all about your experience as a Y.A.P bride …

All of the YAP girls are beautiful, the boutique and it’s history is something you can only dream about and being a YAP bride is a title I’m so proud to have.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the journey, the laughs, the feeling of ‘home’ and Family and for simply being the most amazing and inspirational group of women I have ever experienced.

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