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Charlotte and Ben

Tell us how you and your partner met. Your ‘love story’…

Ben and I met in 2015 after being ‘set up’ by a mutual friend who thought we’d be good for each other. Our mutual love for the great outdoors and triathlon galvanised our love for each other and we began our adventures together.

How did you feel before your first appointment to try on gowns?

Excited but a bit nervous…I had a baby in 2018 and I was very conscious of getting back ‘in shape’ for the wedding. I had an idea of what I wanted but also went with an open mind as I didn’t want to rule anything out.

Did you have in mind the style and look you wanted from your gown? If so what was it?

I thought I wanted something quite simple and classic and that’s what I ended up with…I had been obsessing about another dress but when I tried it on, it just wasn’t ‘me’…as soon as I tried on ‘the One’ (Raven) I felt so comfy!

Tell us about the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received along your bridal journey

Brogan, Danni and all the girls were absolutely lush from the outset. Choosing a dress during a pandemic (trying on with a mask and being limited with guests) could have been quite underwhelming, but they still managed to make it super special. A fab team and gorgeous dresses – what’s not to like?! It was like visiting my friends every time I went in.

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’?

The first question Brogan asked was ‘How do you want to feel in your dress’ …’Comfy’ was my answer… I didn’t want to be fiddling with my dress, pulling it up or down, breathing in and feeling conscious about having my photo taken and not being able to eat what I wanted on my big day. I am so pleased to say that I honestly felt like I was wearing my pyjamas (but a bit more glam) and I was able to dance the night away and eat everything I wanted to without worrying about falling out/breathing in or having my photo taken.

How did you feel in your amazing Y.A.P gown when you tied the knot?

Completely wonderful. The dress was 100% the right one for me…I wish I could wear it again…I still get goosebumps when I think about walking down the aisle to the backdrop of lake windermere and the fells feeling like an absolute princess (the music was from Edward Scissorhands – by Danny Elfman)…it was quite enchanting)

What three words would you use to describe your overall Y.A.P Bridal experience?

Welcoming, Professional and just a LOVELY bunch of girls.

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