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Georgina and David

Tell us how you and your partner met. Your ‘love story’…

We met in a pub (not very romantic I know) but we knew who each other were briefly, I walked over to say hi and he replied hi and kissed me on the cheek and put one hand on my back, I felt something then but I wasn’t sure what that feeling was, I think it had to be 6 month later we met again we spent all night talking to each other about our likes, dislikes, who we really were, and from that moment he become my best friend, we started to date, it wasn’t long before we fell head over heels in love, we both weren’t looking for love but it found us. And now I am the luckiest woman alive because I’m married to my best friend… and he’s a really good cook! And if he reads this I would like to say Thank you and I love you!

Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns..

I felt positive and giddy, I had a feeling that I would find something at YAP, I said to my mam “If I don’t find a dress here I think I will struggle to find the ‘one’ anywhere else in the area”, don’t get me wrong I was nervous too.

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts..

Beautiful! There is so many words I could use but nothing will accurately describe that feeling, it was simply stunning!

Did you have in mind the style and look you wanted from your gown? If so what was it?

I had an idea and the one I chose was better! I knew I wanted a low back but I wasn’t the type of bride searching the internet and buying wedding magazines to find my perfect gown.

How did your consultation during your appointment help to find the perfect dress for you?

When we first walked in we sat on the sofa and myself and my mam picked up a book and my mam opened the book to a random page and said “ooo that’s nice!” it was stunning I wanted it instantly! Then Danni came over and when we started to talk about what kind of dress I liked I showed her the picture in the book! I wasn’t expecting her to reply with “we have it in so you can try it on!” I knew then it was going to be the one!

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received..

Danni was absolutely lovely, I was a little bit nervous about my body and she made me feel at ease straight away, you could tell she wasn’t just there because it was her job, she was there because it made her happy making other people’s big day so perfect, she was with you in the moment, her emotions so real! I couldn’t praise Danni and Y.A.P enough, Joanne the owner even sent me a text message to congratulate me on becoming a Y.A.P bride! So personal and unique they certainly made me feel precious!

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’?

The moment I tried it on I knew, I don’t know how I knew but I did, I felt a little bit relived but mostly excited I was on cloud 9, we both were, mind it was hard not giving anything away to David, as I went from telling him everything to having a secret for 9 month it was hard but it was worth it.

Talk to us about your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

It was perfect from start to finish.. what really means a lot are the little touches, the prosecco when we bought the dress, the type of music that’s playing, the pictures of Joanne’s mam and dad and love letters, her journey- it’s beautiful, the dress hanger with my name on, and what made the end of my dress journey so perfect was when I picked up my dress the song I already chose to walk down the aisle too started playing! It was perfect from start to finish I couldn’t thank the whole team enough.

Tell us about the perfect accessories – Shoes, Veil, Hair accessories –

My shoes were the something old, I had only worn them once and they were so comfortable and the right height I wanted so it made sense plus they looked great with the dress! I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a veil or not but when Danni picked up a stunning sheer veil and slid it into my hair it was perfect, so sheer it didn’t take away from the hand stitched detail in the dress.

Where was your wedding held and what kind of day did you want-

Low Wood Bay. Bowness on Windermere in the Lake District, quite honestly all I wanted from my big day was to be David’s wife, nothing that day could worry, upset or distract me from the one thing I really wanted the most… To be Mrs Collins.

What colour scheme/ theme did you choose for your big day?

We went for a petal pink, white and silver a clean elegant look to go with the hotel, if I had to say I had a theme I would say … timeless.

How did you feel in your amazing Y.A.P gown on your wedding day?

Just that, amazing, I felt happy, confident and excited, literally want to run down the aisle (which I could if I wanted to cause it wasn’t restricted at all, great for dancing!) The perfect thing about it was that my best friend since I was born picked it and she watched me walk down the isle wearing something that she picked when I marry my best friend, my mam and my husband are the most important things in my life and when I look at our wedding pictures I don’t just see a beautiful perfect wedding I see friendship and family and that’s what I’ve dreamt off since I was a little girl, I got the most important thing in the world – a family with so much love! What can I say I’m a lucky woman!

Tell us about your chosen suppliers and how they made your day perfect –

Tell us about your chosen suppliers and how they made your day perfect –

Made in flowers in Kendal- With getting married in the lakes I used someone down there, I knew some flowers that I wanted such as the lizzie flower, as this was my grandmas flower and meant a great deal to me I had them in, Katie was a very creative lady and she came up with some fantastic ideas, she listened to everything I wanted and made it happen mine, my bridesmaids our centrepieces and our cake flowers where perfect, she even came in on the day of the wedding to teach me how to hold them, and made sure the room was perfect I even decided to put so flower petals down the aisle on the morning of the wedding and she did it for me no problem! I would certainly recommend her to anyone getting married in this area!

Diva designs – I used these as recommend from Y.A.P, who I would like to thank and apologise for my little freak out, I think every bride does at one point, but they put so much time and effort into making my dress perfect and they did!

Photos – My brother in law Ian collins and his son Ben collins – They were great! There so talented and Ben’s only 18! I’m Very proud of them!

Read about Georgina and Davids beautiful Lake district wedding, how Georgina’s Y.A.P experience was ‘perfect from start to finish’ and how we made Georgina feel ‘precious’ every step of the way to marrying her best friend…

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