Jessica and Adam

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Jessica and Adam

Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns…

Before coming to Y.A.P Bridal Boutique, I was feeling like I’d never find my dress. I was out of shape and I’d had a terrible weekend trying on dresses. I had an idea of dresses I liked but wasn’t too sure if they were right for me.

I was having a destination wedding in Florida so knew I’d be hot and so wanted something light and airy, all the dresses picked out for me at previous appointments had been traditional ‘big’ dresses. These dresses were lovely but I knew they would be impossible to wear in the Orlando summer heat. They didn’t feel like me or make me feel pretty. I was uncomfortable and I knew this was not what I had pictured for my big day.

Adam and I have been together for almost 13 years now so by the time
I was dress shopping I had pictured my dress (and special day) for so many years!

After feeling rather disheartened, my mum told me about her friend who had bought her dress from Y.A.P the year before. I’d seen the pictures of the brides destination wedding in Italy and she looked amazing! The boutique sounded beautiful and just like every brides dream but to be honest I felt unsure that I would find a dress I liked in my price range that suited me.

I rang the boutique on the off chance they could squeeze me in. With just over six months to go before my wedding I think the girls could sense the panic in my voice and surprisingly they had an opening that very day that I was able to attend. Boy am I glad I did!

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts…

I was so nervous before my appointment. I remember walking into the boutique and thinking WOW.

Y.A.P is truly stunning with a homely atmosphere. I was greeted with happy, friendly and welcoming faces making me feel more relaxed and special in seconds then I’d felt before. Instantly at ease, I suddenly felt excited and couldn’t wait to get started!

Your Style Ideas…

I had lots of different pictures of dresses that I loved but I had no idea how they would look on me. I really liked the relaxed boho look but still wanted to feel like I was wearing a special wedding dress. I mainly knew what I didn’t want!

Your Consultation to Finding the One…

The consultation was a great way for my bridal stylist Danni to get to know my vision for my day whilst making sure I was put at ease. She asked lots of questions and listened carefully. After being told the Y.A.P story and seeing all of the thank you cards I knew I would be looked after at the boutique. I was made to feel like to only bride in the whole world!

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received…

When you meet Danni you’ll see it’s impossible not to love her and you feel like you’re chatting to one of your closest friends. She really listened to the things I knew I loved, liked and disliked. We discussed my venue and how I wanted to look. I told her the word that described how I wanted to feel in my dress (beautiful) and she replied, “I’ve got it chick, I’ve got your dress!” This was music to my ears!

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’…

My dream dress was called Phyllis. She was ‘The One’ for me. Phyllis ticked all of my boxes and so many more. My mum and best friend came to my appointment with me. When the Y.A.P girls pulled the curtain I could see from their reaction that they felt the same. This was ‘The One’. Phyllis was beautiful and I felt beautiful! I was mesmerised by the detail on the back of the gown and I didn’t want to take it off nor did I want to try any other dresses on. I just wanted to take my dream dress away with me. It was so much more WOW than I thought I had wanted from my dress and I loved that. I was so happy!

Talk to us about your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

Special! From entering the boutique to leaving for my big day I was looked after and made to feel special every step of the way. Everything runs smoothly and you become part of the Y.A.P family. A glass of champagne and having your photo taken add to the lasting memories of this special part of your bridal journey. The boutique is the best there is!

A relaxed and super magical day for Jessica and Adam, as they chose the amazing surroundings of Paradise Cove, Orlando to celebrate with their closest family and friends. Rustic detailing with a hint of Disney ran through their celebrations. Jessica wore an incredible Maggie Sottero wedding dress with the most breathtaking embellishments.

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