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Natalie and Josh

Tell us how you and your partner met. Your ‘love story’…

We met on holiday.. Josh was on a lads holiday and I was on a girls holiday. I’m ashamed to say it was magaluf.

He insisted on giving me his number even though I told him I didn’t have my phone on me. He took me to a shop to buy a pen and wrote his number on my arm.. he even left the pen.. something I still can’t live down to this day (tight Yorkshire man!).

As it happened, after that night my friends and I were mugged by a local man that tried to bundle me into the back of a van! (all hail my best friend that stopped him). At that point, we were all ready to sack off our holiday and come home. I bumped into Josh the night after in the same bar we’d met and told him the story – I think that he just thought I was some utter nut job that was trying to sack him off – until my best friend actually confirmed the story. To give him and his friends credit, every night they walked us home after that.

He was from York and I lived/live in blyth.. we agreed to meet up when we got back, which we actually did, every single weekend for the first 2 months. We received quite a few jibes from his mates when he had to sack off the ‘boys nights’ to come up and they all said it wouldn’t last.. which in fairness, if we hadn’t spent the first 6 months of our relationship watching football in the pub with the lads, it probably wouldn’t have.. I would have hardly ever seen him.

He then relocated for work 2 years later and moved in.. the rest is history.. we have a 3 year old little boy and got married in March. Ironically, the summer we met we attended or had planned to go to a lot of the same events (four in total), so it must be fate! That or I just haven’t sobered up from the girls holiday 10 years ago!

How did you feel before your first bridal appointment? Did you have in mind the style you wanted from your gown? If so what was it?

I had no clue what to expect. I hadn’t even been bridal shopping with a friend before.

Poor Brogan (My Stylist) got a lot of help.. I literally said, I want to be comfy and no fishtail please. She even was thrown a curve ball when my mam and best friend asked if they could pick a dress for me to try too.

What did you feel like when you found your precious gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’?

I found one that I really liked and said it would be a maybe.. I thought that it ‘could’ be the one, but then I tried one more at Brogan’s advice… before I’d even gotten into it fully I said it was ‘the one’. I opted for a different colour which was a bit of a risk as there wasn’t one available to try on.. but I just knew.. it was completely not the style I would have thought I’d choose, nothing like the ones I’d looked at and liked. It just felt right.

Describe how your gorgeous Y.A.P gown made you feel when you tied the knot with your fiancé?

I felt amazing.

I was worried that I was nowhere near the size 8 I’d been when I’d met josh.. and really worried I wouldn’t look as good as I had the first time he’d met me, but in that dress.. I didn’t care that I was 2 sizes bigger.. I wasn’t self-conscious at all!

Tell us about the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received along your bridal journey …

Brogan was a gem.. she made it really easy for me to put faith in her when selecting dresses for me to try on. Every time we spoke she was soo nice. When my dress came in and I tried it on she even helped pick out a veil. She’s such a lovely person!

I met a few other members of the team while I was there and they were always lovely and welcoming too. I struggled to get in to pick my veil up and worried that it had been a while but the team were totally understanding and it wasn’t a bother either! The whole team really put me at ease, made me feel like I’d known them for ages and that I was a part of the Y.A.P family.

What three words would you use to describe your overall Y.A.P Bridal experience?

Out of this world (that’s four, does it count?)

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