Nicole and Liam

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Nicole and Liam

Tell us how you and your partner met. Your ‘love story’…

Liam and I met when we were teenagers through friends… 10 years later and now we’re married.

How did you feel before your first appointment to try on gowns?

I was so excited but so nervous at the same time. This was my first time trying on wedding dresses.

Did you have in mind the style and look you wanted from your gown? If so what was it?

I had no idea what style I was after, I was open to try all styles as there’s so many to choose from!

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received.

We were looked after by the lovely Brogan who was amazing from start to finish! We couldn’t have wished for a better experience finding my dream dress.

How did your consultation during your appointment help you find the perfect dress for you?

During my appointment Brogan was amazing, she asked me questions about my wedding and the type of dress I was looking for, and what I would like in a dress.

How did you feel when you found your precious gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’?

I knew it was the one as I started crying and then my bridal party started crying. It was everything wanted to feel like and more.

How did you feel in your amazing Y.A.P gown when you tied the knot?

I felt amazing! The moment I stepped into my dress it was the most magical thing ever.

What three words would you use to describe your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey?

Perfect. Amazing. Magical

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