Luxury designer wedding dresses on rail in the bridal show room of You Are Precious Newcastle Upon Tyne

Y.A.P GUIDE :: Five Top tips for finding your dream wedding dress

Y.A.P GUIDE ::  5 Top tips for finding your dream wedding dress


Here’s our Y.A.P guide to finding your dream dress ..  lets get started!


Do your research – Get a good idea of designers / styles / shapes / fabrics / necklines that you initially like before you start booking appointments. It’s good to have an idea, even if it’s vague, so that you are not totally jumping into the deep end. It can be overwhelming being faced with a rail of wedding dresses – luckily your bridal stylist will be there to guide you – that said it’s still a good idea to get a head start and know a little bit about the kind of gown that your drawn to (even if it is just swooning over pinterest images… we all do it!)

Have your venue booked and wedding date set – this will help you envision yourself on the big day in your dream venue and assist in blending together all elements of your wedding day – as well as delivery dates and fittings being in good time. Whether you’re wed on a sandy beach or a rustic barn- your gown can be a reflection of your venue – and vice versa. Certain settings work better with certain fabrics/styles  – so during your appointment, it is so important to be able to imagine yourself walking down the aisle, saying your vows, getting photographs, cutting the cake and your first dance- in your venue, wearing your dream wedding dress. Knowing the date of your wedding , although a simple detail, can be crucial to finding your dream dress. At Y.A.P bridal boutique, we recommend starting your search around one year before the wedding date to ensure that your dress can be made and delivered on time and so that there is plenty of time for fittings with the seamstress.


Bring the right people with you to your appointments – sometimes your loved ones know you better than you know yourself – so choose the right people to celebrate finding ‘the one’ with. It is important that you have the right people with you when you are making one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Try not to bring too many guests – things can get overwhelming and lots of opinions can be confusing. Bring people with you that you trust – listen to their opinions and remember to trust your own instincts too. Whether it’s your mum, auntie, dad or best friend – think about who will make the experience memorable, calm and most importantly.. fun!


Think about your ideal spend – although you shouldn’t let your ideal spend sway you too much – it’s a great idea to think about how much you are willing to spend on your dream wedding dress. Different designers have different price ranges so make your limit clear to your bridal stylist so that if you fall in love with a gown you will know that is within your wedding budget. Once equipped with this knowledge, your bridal stylist will guide you to gowns that are within your ideal spend.


Keep an open mind – your dream wedding dress might be something you never thought of. Yes – it’s great to have an idea of what you like / don’t like as this lays the foundations of your appointment, however, listen and trust in your bridal stylist, as sometimes a dress that is beyond your wildest dreams can end up being the perfect match.


Enjoy the journey gorgeous ones! 



Team Y.A.P xxxx