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You Are Precious- Why we exist.

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You Are Precious- Why we exist.

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'You Are Precious' means so much to our team, our brides and our founder Jo, that we wanted everyone to know where it comes from, why Jo had to name the boutique Y.A.P and why we exist.

Jo's wonderful Mam and Dad were married for almost 60 years and were dearly loved by their family. They showed their children and grandchildren what it meant to love and be loved and how to have an amazing marriage! They were an inspiration to their family and friends and 'You are Precious' or Y.A.P for short, was something they wrote on their cards to each other and in letters throughout their marriage. This is why it means so much to Jo and why there could be no other name when she opened the boutique almost three years ago! When Jo lost her parents, very close together, she was inspired to open up a beautiful bridal boutique in honour of that love that she had seen and felt all her life and bring that inspiration to the brides that walk through our door.

So, as a team, we put our heads together and discussed exactly why we did exist and why we do what we do! Yes, we love dresses and we love helping beautiful brides find their dream gown but it is also so much more than that. It was love that opened up this boutique and runs through its very veins. Even its location, St. Mary's place, was a sign that we should be here as Jo's beloved Mam was called Mary.  So in short, we exist to allow you, our Y.A.P bride, to experience the kind of love our founder saw in her Mam and Dads marriage for almost 60 years! And we wish every one of you a lifetime of happiness and the kind of love, laughter and family Mary and Jonny had together. Every moment is precious.

Lots of love your Y.A.P team xXx